Mapping Berlin

Collective Narration on Imaginary and Emergent
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Mapping Berlin Collective Narration on Imaginary and Emergent Spaces A project by Berlinerpool Arts Network Concept and Research by Andrzej Raszyk; exhibition design by Paz Ponce Exhibition from 07. Juli to 12. August 2017 Opening on 06. Juli 2017, 7 pm Introduction to the Exhibition concept Andrzej Raszyk At 8 p.m. Sound performance Sonusurbis von Marcelina Wellmer Mapping Berlin is an exhibition and program of events where individually constructed systems for mapping space, time and urban history are showcased and discussed by eleven Berlin-based artists, extending an invitation to the public to participate in the making/editing/publication of a »Collective Memory Atlas« during the exhibition. How is the image of a city constructed? Who is the author of the large collection of oral, textual and visual data meeting in it? Can cities be read? If so, who holds control over their interpretation? This exhibition departs from the notion of cities as spatial archives embracing a multiplicity of meanings, juxtaposed narratives and shifting hierarchies, highlighting eight artworks echoing this metaphor while underlining a tension and resistance to the rules of classification and codification flattening the city and its scales of representation. The artistic proposals open spaces for new interpretations; a dialogical context in which present, imaginary and emergent histories/narrations are collected, visualized, remembered and also erased from our daily lives. Besides the selection of artistic positions articulating the exhibition’s discourse, the curatorial strategy of this project reflects on the method of cultural mapping as a cultural inquiry and as an inherently interdisciplinary research phenomenon: a combination of hybrid, mixed, multimodal or alternative discourses using the map and its associated texts as legitimate forms for academic and public inquiry, cultural advocacy, and knowledge mobilization.[1] Departing from this phenomenon, we find the participatory aspect of »cultural mapping« as a platform for people to meet, share (and deal with) the central questions regarding their space and the construction of meaning together particularly interesting, providing an opportunity for the articulation and negotiation of multiple agendas related to the multiple dimensions of culture. “Sharing technical knowledge, information, and communal space can expand understanding and mutual respect; shared interpretation of space has revealed the layering and interweaving of place-making thus introducing the notion of how identities constantly change over time”.[2] »Mapping Berlin« is a concept developed by Andrzej Raszyk and evolves from previous projects around the subject of data and history visualization researched by the Berlinerpool Arts Network curatorial team (Andrzej Raszyk & Paz Ponce). For this occasion, the curators invited eight Berlin-based artists from its network to present eight pieces for the exhibition, as well as three guest contributors for the participatory events program. Exhibiting artists are: Roland Fuhrmann, Michael Johansson, Margret Holz, Christine Kisorsy, Katrin von Lehmann, Sara Wallgren, Marcelina Wellmer, Sencer Vardarman. Contributions to the events program by: Rebecca Agnes, Stefania Migliorati and Ame Zek. Berlinerpool’s curatorial trajectory in the past three years centered its efforts on the creation of an »archive of now«: shaping a network of active professionals (artists, curators, and managers of artist run initiatives) involved in the daily making of art in the city. Understanding archiving as a collective project and as an architecture of encounter, Berlinerpool’s program focuses on developing and testing experimental forms of mediation, based on cooperative and interdisciplinary working methods, supporting processuality and ongoing research as an axis to actively engage and mobilize people, projects and ideas through local and international collaboration. The organization’s previous experiences include: »Pflegeanweisungen – The art of living together« (Galerie Wedding, 12.12.2014-24.01.2015, curated by Paz Ponce and Andrzej Raszyk), an exhibition and research project mapping the cooperative culture of artist advocacy groups in Berlin presented as an (eco) system of care in itself cultivating models of working and living together in Berlin’s socio cultural environment. And Mapping Contemporary Concerns, a series of panel discussions emerging from the need to discuss current issues that are present in the Berlin art context raising the question of whether we can speak of a potential »vocabulary« inherent to Berlin’s art production, in terms of medium, approaches, subjects, materials or sources the makers are dealing with and are driven by. For the present research around the subject of cultural mapping as a method of culture inquiry, »Mapping Berlin« follows the genealogy of previous efforts undertaken by teams of trained sociologists and political scientists (Institut für Strategieentwicklung – IFSE and Séverine Marguin), independent networks (Haben und Brauchen) and international initiatives (a.IGBK and New Museum New York). [1] Nancy Duxbury, W. F. Garrett-Petts, David MacLennan (Hg.), Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry, New York u. a., Routledge, 2015, p. 22. [2]Ibid., p.168, own translation. Program 28.07.2017, 7pm Book presentation Walk with the artist Project of Associazione 22:37 initiated by Rebecca Agnes, Zara Audiello, Roberta Coletto and Stefania Migliorati with contributions from Silke Bauer, Dragan Strunjaš, Iva Kontić, Irina Novarese and Stephanie Schairer 04.08.2017, 2pm In all directions Walk with Stefania Migliorati 05.08.2017, 2pm Displaced Monuments and Disappeared Places Walk with Rebecca Agnes 10.08.2017, 7pm Artist talk – Collective Narration on Imaginary and Emergent Spaces Sonusurbis II Sound-performance by Ame Zek The project is realised with kind support of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe, the Exhibition Fund and the Exhibition Remuneration for Municipal Galleries and in cooperation with Associazione 22:37 The technical solution (social wall) for Collective Memory Atlas is provided by Sparkle
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Do, 06.07.2017 - 19:00 bis Sa, 12.08.2017 - 00:00